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Welcome to Big Moo's Catnip

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Meet Moo

Hi, I'm Moo, I'm all about having fun, and who doesn't have fun with some catnip?! Like many cats, I've had my fair share of different kinds of catnip, and they're always really dry, and brown, and not that potent. In fact, some cats don't even have a reaction to catnip. Some of that is due to genetics, but it's also because the store bought stuff is just old and like sawdust! I knew I had to do something about it, so I started my own premium, organic catnip brand!...Read More


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What Do You Get When You Buy Big Moo's Catnip?

Big Moo's Catnip is grown responsibly, with just water, natural soil, sunshine, and love!

  • Natural green color, high potency, 100% catnip (Nepeta Cataria) leaves, and stems.

  • No chemicals, no growth boosters, no byproducts, and no fillers like Silvervine.

  • Environmentally responsible packaging: 100% Recyclable

  • A sense of pride knowing a portion of proceeds is donated to a shelter in need!