Big Moo's Catnip Powder is made from the byproducts of Big Moo's Catnip, being the ground up stems and leaves. This mixture is very potent! We suggest sprinkling some of Big Moo's Organic Catnip Powder on cat scratches, kickers, toys, or play area. A little pinch of powder makes toys irresistible!



Big Moo's Catnip Powder

  • Note: Not all cats react the same to catnip. Some may not react the same to catnip powder as they do to ground catnip. Most cats LOVE catnip, but a small percentage have no reaction.

    Caution: May cause a green tint when applied to light fabrics, and fingers. Catnip Powder is water washable. Please test in an inconspicuous area before applying.