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  • Why is Big Moo's Catnip Green?
    Big Moo's Catnip is grown in Minnesota, picked at the peak of potency, and immediately set out in the sun to dry. We don't wait until it's dead, dry, and brown in a field to pick with a machine, our catnip is hand picked. Each and every plant is handled and inspected for quality, any dead or brown leaves are removed before drying.
  • What Makes Big Moo's Catnip Different?
    Most catnip in stores is imported from China or Canada. They have large fields of the plants, and use one of two methods. Either they let them grow all summer, die and dry in the field, then remove the plants with a cultivator machine, which just grinds up anything and everything, or they let the plants die in the field, cultivate with machinery, then use a large heater to dry the plants quickly. Big Moo's Catnip is picked BEFORE it dies and dries, so it retains it green color. This is also a sign of the potency of the plant. Of course we have to dry the plants before grinding, but we use the natural sun to dry our plants, which helps keep the potency within!
  • What's all in Big Moo's Catnip?
    Unlike traditional catnip found at retail stores, Big Moo's Catnip is 100% catnip plants. Large suppliers use Silvervine additive to give their boring catnip some extra potency. They also use large machines to cultivate their plants, so anything that's on, or in their plants....ends up in your catnip. Big Moo's Catnip doesn't use any additives or fillers. Every single plant is inspected for non-catnip leaves, weeds, bugs, etc, and removed! We use the entire plant; leaves and stems, to give our catnip the most "MEOW" per pinch!
  • What Makes Big Moo's Catnip Organic?
    Unlike large suppliers of catnip, we use natural soil, no growth accelerators, no chemicals, no root system enhancers, just good ol Earth, Sun, and Water.
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