About Big Moo's Catnip

Why is Mine Better?

Mainly because my catnip is all natural, and organic! I don't use any chemicals, growth stimulants, or additives, like Silvervine, to boost the potency. Like I said, I don't use anything but 100% catnip plant (Nepeta Cateria). Mine is grown in natural soil, under the sun, and gets watered daily. Once the plant is mature, and at peak potency, it's cut down, or pruned, by hand, then hung up to dry in the warm air and sunshine. I don't let it die and dry in the field, just to make the process easier. My entire process is done by hand, and that's what makes it so much better!

My catnip is picked while the plant is still alive, each leaf hand picked from the stem, then laid out in the sun to dry. Once dry, whole leaves are immediately stored, to keep in the potency and freshness. My catnip isn't ground until there is a need to package it. This way it can stay as fresh as it was the day it was picked. It is then packaged and heat sealed right away, in my all-new 100% recycleable bags!

What is Catnip?

Catnip (Nepeta Cateria) is a herb, in the mint family. It contains a super special essential oil, Nepetalactone, that drives me and my furriends crazy! Catnip has been used for hundreds of years, formerly, as a medicine to help relax. Once someone found out that cats LOVE the scent of the oil, it's main purpose is now for the pleasure of us felines. There are still other uses for it, like tea, and calming oil diffusers, but the kind I like the best is the leaves!

This is why we only lightly grind the leaves, so you get more, and it retains as much Nepetalactone as possible! Just crush a little pinch between your fingers to release the magic scent, give it to your cat, and let the fun begin!

Moo Approving Catnip