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Giving Back

2022 Annual "Giving Back" Donation to Pause 4 Paws

I was truly honored that my staff and I made our yearly in-purrson donation to Pause 4 Paws. A monetary donation of $500 from a portion of proceeds, and all the wonderful donated catnip and toys!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me this past year, you made this day possible! I hope you all feel just as proud as I do! You are just as much a part of this donation as I am.


Pause 4 Paws is a fundraising organization that gets donations, food, supplies, and toys to animals who need it most. They work tirelessly throughout Minnesota to help rescue, foster, and home as many pets as possible. They also do great work partnering with rescues in Mexico to bring animals to the United States where they can be homed.

Big Moo Stands With Ukraine

I am honored to be able to help support the largest animal shelter in Ukraine, Sirius Shelter, by raising donations from selling Ukrainian flag cat toys! 100% of the proceeds are donated!

With the help of my generous furrieds, through my Donate to Ukraine Get a Cat Toy fundraiser, we have been able to raise and donate $3,514.27 for Sirius (Cipiyc) Shelter! Sirius is located in the Kyiv region, and cares for over 3,000 animals per day!

I will continue to try to raise money for them, if we receive anymore donations. 

Thank you again to all my feline furrieds, and their hoomans, for the outpouring of support! We purray for peace!

Roger's Rescue Ride IV