Giving Back

Big Moo Stands With Ukraine

I am honored to be able to help support the largest animal shelter in Ukraine, Sirius Shelter, by raising donations from selling Ukrainian flag cat toys! 100% of the proceeds are donated!

With the help of my generous furrieds, through my Donate to Ukraine Get a Cat Toy fundraiser, we have been able to raise and donate $3,464.27 for Sirius (Cipiyc) Shelter! Sirius is located in the Kyiv region, and cares for over 3,000 animals per day!

I will continue to try to raise money for them, if we receive anymore donations. 

Thank you again to all my feline furrieds, and their hoomans, for the outpouring of support! We purray for peace!

Animal Humane Society

I was honored to go to the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley to meet with some staff and volunteers, so I could drop off all the purchased donation bags of my catnip, and a cash donation!

I had a great time meeting the wonderful hoomans, and even got to meet a small kitty who looks like me! It was also great to be able to donate some extra swag for the staff, because I know they do great work every day for my fellow animals!

Feline Rescue 

It was so exciting for me to make my first in-person donation to Feline Rescue! It's important to me to be able to give back to shelters and organizations that work very hard to help cats like me, who were abandoned on the streets! I even had my best tuxedo cleaned and pressed for the big event! I'm looking forward to being able to continue this, and do even more in the future!

SCRAM Animal Rescue

I purrpared a goodie box of  food, dishes, toys, catnip, and kickers to be donated to SCRAM Animal Rescue! I had my hoomas staff drop it off and they helped socialize some kitties that are getting ready to be adopted. 

Animal Humane Society - Walk For Animals 2022

My 2nd year participating in the Animal Humane Society Walk for Animals! I was a proud partner this year, and donated my catnip to be in the prize pack for Walk Stars who raised $500 or more!

Me and my hoomans were able to raise and donate $2,409 this year! 

Sadly, due to bad weather, I had to stay home this year. My staff reported that it was very cold, rainy, and windy, so I’m glad I stayed home!

Some pictures of my photo shoot the day before to show my support...even Meow, some squirrels, the neighbor cat, and my dolly wanting to show their support as well!  

I hope to see you at the Walk for Animals 2023!!!

Animal Humane Society - Walk For Animals 2021

My first year participating in the Animal Humane Society Walk for Animals! Me and my hoomans were able to raise and donate $2,000 to the cause! All donations goes towards medical needs, food, housing, and more! I had a blast being pushed around in my stroller...can't wait until next year!

See you for the Walk for Animals 2022!!!