Each sample includes 4 tsp of Big Moo's Organic Ground Catnip. 

Great for sharing with furrieds, a gift, or just trying before you buy a large bag!


Big Moo's Organic Catnip is grown in Minnesota with just sun, water, and love. No chemicals, growth products, additives, or fillers.

Dried in the natural sun, then the leaves are stripped off and ground up. Moo doesn't like to waste anything, so the entire plant is ground up for extra potency!

Samples contain 100% catnip leaves only.

**Please don't leave catnip unsupervised! It is so potent, your cat can smell it through the packaging and may chew through it to get to it!


Health Benefits - Catnip acts as a sedative, reduces anxiety, stress and depression. Encourages playtime and relaxation.

Big Moo's Catnip Sample (3-Pack)

  • Big Moo's Organic Catnip is 100% natural catnip leaves. Moo also cares about the environment, so the packaging is 100% recyclable!

  • Not all cats react the same to catnip. Most people think that catnip will make cats go crazy. Although some do, some just mellow out, some eat it and don't have a psychedelic reaction, and some don't have any reaction at all. 

    Due to the unpredicable nature of how cats will react, we do not offer a refund or return on any of Big Moo's Catnip products. 

    We apologize for this inconvenience. We also believe in helping to keep greenhouse gases down, which, the shipping industry contributes to in a massive way.