Don't have a cat? That's ok, you can still help Moo's Mission of raising awareness about stray, feral, and abandoned cats, by purchasing a digital bag of Big Moo's Catnip!


When you purchase a digital bag, that bag will be set aside and given to a shelter in need! Moo will gather digital bags, until he's got enough to make a visit to a shelter....afterall, shelter cats need to have some fun too!


Catnip is great training aides when helping feral cats become domesticated enough for adoption. Many behavioralists in shelters will use it to help acclimate feral cats to humans, and the presence of other cats.


COVID INFORMATION: Due to COVID-19, Moo is unable to personally visit any shelters. We have been in contact with shelters, and will bring all digital bags once it is safe to do so. Moo will be posting on his social media to alert when he is able to visit the shelters, and share pictures!

Big Moo's Organic Ground Catnip - Shelter