Big Moo's 100% Organic Wool Cat Balls!


1x 6cm Black Big Moo ball.

1x 5cm White Paw ball.

1x Small bag of Big Moo's Organic Ground Catnip


Big Moo's Catnip Balls are made from 100% organic wool from New Zealand!

Each ball contains a hole in the top to stuff with Big Moo's Organic Catnip (Included).

Since these are made from 100% natural wool, there are fibers on the ball, but they will not harm your cat! Moo is commited to all natural and organic materials, so the balls are not completely round.

Simply take a pinch of catnip, put it into the hole, let your kitty sniff it, then let her go CRAZY!


Moo's Catnip Balls also make great dryer balls!

Organic Wool Catnip Balls (Catnip Included)