Big Moo's Catnip Buds are the top of the plant, where the flowers grow. After the seeds have been removed, the buds contain a high amount of potent nepetalactone, which is the organic compound that attracts cats to catnip.


We recommend giving to your cat straight out of the packaging, but you can also remove a bud from the stem, or crush between your fingers to release even more purr-fect potency!


  • The unprocessed buds are picked at the peak of the plant's growth!
  • Buds are hand picked, and hand trimmed from the stems and set out to dry in the sun.
  • All natural, no chemicals, no growth additives, no added stimulants.
  • Grown and picked in small batches in the United States, so you know you're getting the most fresh product available!


Because plants flower at different times, and to different fullness, a bag of buds will consist of mostly green buds, but can also contain brown, or partially brown buds. Brown ones contain slightly less nepetalactone than green ones, but will still drive your cats crazy!


Seeds are removed as best as possible. You may still get some seeds, if they were produced after the buds were picked and packaged. Seeds are safe for your cat!


Health Benefits - Catnip acts as a sedative, reduces anxiety, stress and depression. Encourages playtime and relaxation.


Supurrrvision recommended. Seeds and stems are safe for kitty, but re recommend not allowing comsumption of the stem.

Big Moo's Organic Catnip Buds

  • Contains 100% organic catnip plant. We've tried to remove all the seeds from the flowers, but you may find a seed. The seeds will not harm your cat.

    Moo also cares about the environment, so the packaging is 100% biodegradable, and backyard compostable! Our packaging may not be the most pretty package on the market, but it's worth having some wrinkles and creases in order to keep them out of the oceans!

  • Not all cats react the same to catnip. Most people think that catnip will make cats go crazy. Although some do, some just mellow out, some eat it and don't have a psychedelic reaction, and some don't have any reaction at all. 

    Due to the unpredicable nature of how cats will react, we do not offer a refund or return on any of Big Moo's Catnip products. 

    We apologize for this inconvenience. We also believe in helping to keep greenhouse gases down, which, the shipping industry contributes to in a massive way.