Big Moo's Glass Jar with Stainless Steel lid. Purchase just the jar, or filled with Big Moo's Ground Catnip $10 per cup, or filled with buds for just $24!

Use for catnip, cat treats, cat food, candy, nuts, rice, pantry storage, health and beauty products, small stationary items, liquids, and more!


Stainless Steel lid contains freshness seal, but cats may still be able to smell catnip through the lid. Please store in a safe space, away from cats who can knock jar onto the floor. (Breaking/Glass/Cut Hazard)


Big Moo's Catnip logo is permanent waterproof vinyl. Dishwasher safe, but highly recommend to hand wash, as high temperatures of dish washer may distort, melt, or remove vinyl sticker.

*There may be imperfections in the glass*


Volume: 24 FL OZ

Jar Opening: 4 Inches

Total Height (With Lid): 4.875 Inches

Total Diameter: 4.25 Inches


Big Moo Glass Jar

$12.99 Regular Price
$9.99Sale Price