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Hi, I'm Moo. I'm a big black and white tuxedo cat, which, I guess, is how I got the name Moo. Sometimes they call me Big Moo, MooMoo, Moozini, Moomy, and sometimes Moo Moo Moo Moo Moo endlessly! I don't mind though, I’ve been told I have a relaxed, and funny personality, but I'm just glad to have a loving family! I have 3 other feline roommates, so we're always having fun! 


But, it wasn’t always this way for me. These are the first known pictures of me, back when I was on the cold streets, covered in fleas. My “owners” (at the time) put me out in winter, when I was only a kitten, when they moved away. It was rough! I was cold, hungry, no home to call my own, and no one to love me. I survived the winter, and come summer, I made friends on every block (I’m very friendly). People would pet me, and sometimes even feed me, but still, no one gave me what I really wanted, a home!

Lucky for me, one day, a couple heard about me and wanted to help! When they found me, they took these pictures and gave me lots of pets, they even brought me some food and water. They tried to help find me a home, (a forever home), but still, no one wanted me. They made an appointment with the Animal Humane Society, so they could help find me a home. The couple came and got me a few days before the appointment, to ensure they found me again. That turned out to be the best day of my life! You see, between the time they got me and the appointment, they fell in love with me! Even though they thought adding another cat would be crazy, they just couldn't resist my charm.


They canceled the appointment, and took me to the vet to get “the works”! I knew I finally had my forever home. Even though I’m one of the lucky ones, my parents think they’re the lucky ones to have me!


I now spend my days cuddling and playing with my furry roommates. I also love getting lots of pets and attention from my parents, climbing my cat tree, and spending time in my catio… watching the squirrels, instead of eating them.


Life is great, but I have not forgotten where I came from, and am grateful that I didn’t become a statistic and contribute to the overwhelming cat population. Or even worse, die from freezing, starving, getting run over, or being eaten.


After I was rescued, my parents found out that the neighborhood I came from was swarming with feral cats.  Please check out My Mission page to see the cats my parents personally saved, and to learn more about feral cats, and how we can all help!


Thanks for reading about me! Follow me on my social platforms

Instagram: @bigmooscatnip


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