**Attention! With many local and national news broadcasts saying that PayPal is not accepted in Ukraine, we want to assure you that your donation IS accepted by Sirius. They bank in Germany, a country that does accept PayPal. Their IBAN and bank information is public, and has been verified by us!


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**Caution: The flags are filled with Big Moo's Catnip, which is extremely potent! Felt is no match for claws and teeth! Destruction warning!


With current tensions in Western Europe, not only do humans need help, but pets and shelters need help too!


We picked a shelter in the Kyiv region, who helps hundreds of animals everyday. Their shelter was already over capacity before the current events, but they have vowed to stay in place, and help the animals in their facilities and in their care!


We are currently collecting donations for CIPIYC (Sirius) in Ukraine. When you purchase a Ukrainian flag peace cat toy, 100% of the purchase will go directly to Sirius (minus shipping). You get the choice of how much you would like to pay for this handmade felt toy, and 100% of that will go to helping animals in the Ukrainian area. To date, we have raised and donated $3,514.27 to Sirius Shelter!


Toy is 4" x 2.5" / Felt outer shell / 100% non-toxic Poly-Fil inner. 




Donate to Ukraine! Get a Cat Toy

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